Asset Management

You can also engage us for on-going management of your investment/ retirement portfolio.  With this type of engagement, we work with you to determine your individual risk tolerance, and then combine this with your investment time horizon, goals and cash flow needs to establish an appropriate investment allocation between stocks, bonds and cash.

Together, we will establish your individual Investment Policy Statement, which will act as our guide to the on-going management of your portfolio.

Additionally, as part of our on-going relationship, we will also provide financial planning advice on issues pertinent to your personal financial situation, including:

  • Debt and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Net Worth
  • Retirement Planning and Goals Analysis
  • Tax Review and Analysis
  • Insurance Review and Analysis
  • Estate Planning/ Wealth Transfer

And as an asset management client, you will have access to our Client Portal, which is a secure online site designed to share and store important documents such as Wills, Insurance Policies, Tax Returns and any other documents you may want to store and access remotely.